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Make your own kitchen knife with a professional blacksmith in Iron town Okuizumo

This is an era where anything can be made easily, using the technologically advanced machines of today. However, on the flipside, machine-made objects do not possess a  craftsman’s soul, which he transfers into his handmade work. Hence,  one’s sense of appreciation towards their belongings is gradually fading away.

The Japanese term “Monodzukuri” is a concept which is extremely hard to translate in English. The concept of monodzukuri is not just about producing high-quality products, but it is an attitude of craftsmanship, where the maker strives to improve his skills every day and puts utmost attention to each and every detail of production, starting right from the quality of the raw materials.

The experience of making kitchen knives which we offer to the visitors is not simply about knife crafting, but an opportunity to witness and experience the efforts of the blacksmiths which they put into their handmade knives and learn why Okuizumo consists of the most suitable iron sand needed for knife crafting.

This experience is about discovering the art of monodzukuri in one’s daily life.

Itinerary for a 2 day trip with an English speaking guide

Day 1: Meeting the guide at Okuizumo’s JR Izumo Minari station.

Transfer to Tatara and Sword Museum, learn about the history of tatara and Okuizumo.

Transfer to Unshuu-Yukimitsu Hamono workshop, change into workshop wear and get safety instructions.

Day 1 of the knife making process begins.

End of day 1 after the tempering process.


Day 2: Adding finishing touches to the knife.

The tour disperses at Izumo Minari station.


・Carry an old pair of clothes

・The temperature inside the workshop can rise significantly, so please stay hydrated.


The Official Okuizumo Travel Guide

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